The last week has brought has brought in some of the most intense rains the State of California  has seen in recent memory. While yesterday was intermittent, the rest of the Bay Area and the Sierra’s are reeling from saturated ground, excessive snow melt and the subsequent river flow. Plus, there is more rain in the forecast today. Also, there is a strong wind advisory. We need to maintain our vigilance in safeguarding ourselves, our families and our neighbors. Be extra careful while driving; plan your route even for public transportation. Expect power outages. 

Take a moment and review the tip sheet below. Being mindful of your rain gutter’s flow, your roof’s current condition (are there any trees or leaves that have blown on to it?), and monitoring your basement and or sump pump is also a good idea. By now, they all have have been working overtime.

Keep an eye on those around you, and prepare for helping others. Know where your flashlight is and back up batteries. Expect potential for power outages.

Calling 311 to report road debris; fallen trees, and other dangers will help the City of SF stay on top of the local issues. Be aware that they are already busy, and you may have to help your neighbors your self.

Cole Hardware provides a truly unique local service: For a Home Repair call 415/200-3430, 24 hours a day.

Weather Underground has up-to-the-minute forecasting – including an alerts page. Sites like NextDoor, and Neighborhood Empowerment Network  also work to keep people informed.

Rain is expected to continue in the Bay Area tonight through Wednesday night, with the heaviest rain and strongest winds expected (today) Tuesday; 20mph sustained winds are expected and wind gusts may reach up to 40mph. (There was 159mph in Squaw Valley on Sunday!)

Following behind the previous storm system, the combination of heavy rain, strong winds, and king tides will increase storm surge and flooding, especially along the coast. This has made trees in the park, and along the streets of your neighborhood heavy and susceptible to their crown falling in the winds…


Read the “Flooding in San Francisco Tip Sheet” below to learn more about flooding, and what you can do to take care of yourself and others. 

Flood Preparedness Tips_2017

See something missing? Can I add to this list something to help our local neighbors?

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