Considering remodeling your home before you sell? Then you are probably interested in the Cost vs. Value report. Providing an analysis of common remodeling projects of various degrees of quality, in markets nationwide – and then showing the value retained by the owner after resale – this report gives you solid meat and potatoes for use in the investment versus return of a finished project.

Along the way, check out the comprehensive resource center with articles and white papers from notable manufacturers, state-of-the art information about compliance, educational courses, and short courses to brush you up on how “The objectives of sustainable design” for instance…

Used by homeowners, contractors, and Real Estate professionals alike – this series is updated annually, and can be an excellent way to help you decide whether or not to build that extra bathroom before selling your condo in the city.

Remodeling Cost Vs. Value Report for San Francisco 2016

Another side of the story is told by the National Association of Realtor in their infographic that “reveals that the happiness home owners receive from home improvement projects and how much money they get back at resale isn’t the same for every project.”

2015 Remodeling Impact: Return Vs. Joy

2015 Remodeling Impact: Return Vs. Joy